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Demolition Work

House demolitions, garages, are the types of jobs we happily tackle. If you want a large factory knocked down then we are not the team for that type of job.

We have breakers for the excavators which will make mincemeat of:

  • Old drives
  • Concrete foundations
  • Large chunks of buildings

Being on the end of the digger arm will save a lot of time and trouble compared to a hand held breaker.

Micro Digger Breaking Up An Old Floor

A micro digger can take some of the back breaking work out of breaking up and removing an old floor to make way for a new one. Please do not hesitate to ask for a free quote.

Tree Chipper

If you have trees on a site we also have a tree chipper which will tackle wood up to 6 in diameter.

Dumper Truck With A Scissor Loader

Our dumper truck with its scissor loader takes the back break out of loading a skip.

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